Friday, April 1, 2016
11am in Ramo Recital Hall

Born in Madrid in 1978, Alberto Bernal studied piano, music theory and composition in the Conservatories of Madrid and Salamanca. He continued his education at the University of Music of Freiburg with Mathias Spahlinger (Composition), working at the same time as assistant of the Studio of Electroacoustic Music in the same university. In 2005-06, Bernal was awarded a grant by the Culture Ministry of Spain to work at the Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Technique University of Berlin. At the same time he also received lessons with the renowned composer Peter Ablinger. During 2007 he was composer in residence of the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid.

Bernal's work provokes discourse into an area where the borders of music are examined, through fission of scenic, spatial and visual elements into the musical realm, or by creating amalgams with language or with field recordings.

Deeply interested in the aesthetics of New Music, Bernal regularly writes and publishes articles in a variety of musicological and composition journals. (Read a collection of them - mostly in Spanish or German - here.) Presently, he works as co-director of the Masters in Electroacoustic Composition (CSKG, Madrid) and teaching at the University of Music of Zaragoza.

We live in an accumulative ideal of culture and knowledge. We aim to own everything. We own thousands of documents with thousands of names and dates, thousands of recordings with thousands of notes, of gestures, of sounds. But we seldom “deepen” into this; we usually remain at a surface level... I think this is a rather universal phenomenon of our present globalized world; we think we have everything but we don’t put value into the elemental things... and this is nothing.